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[Fall Plot: All aboard!] [08 Nov 2019|08:58pm]


Who: All residents.
Where: A ghost train.
→ Please use the form provided for starters.
→ In subject lines, please post icon keywords/icon keyword (or open) and mature content warning (if any).
→ This is a time stop plot, which means no posts should be made to the community until the plot ends.
→ Please use the name on character's tickets in comments.
→ Should your character 'go missing' they would be transported to an alternate timeline of your choosing. You can transport them back at any time, should you wish to.
→ Feel free to 'dibs' starters.
→ Feel free to move your characters in and out of threads at will. No need to stay with one partner for the entire dance.

The Lady Vanishes. )
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Si M [08 Nov 2019|12:00am]


[Locked to Si M]
[Late. Late, late, late. After returning from New York. Around 2 am, and all the lights in her trailer are dark.]

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[Public] [07 Nov 2019|12:17pm]


This is stupid
Why the fuck am I bother

Anyone into Zorro around here?
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Marta F [07 Nov 2019|12:08am]


[After what feels like a couple weeks of quiet on his end.]

He y, Marta?
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Noah. [06 Nov 2019|01:36pm]


[Locked to Noah NW.]

I am

I am sorry if I caused issues. I am sorry I fibbed about my brothers needing me. I am also sorry because I definitely yelled--if writing it constitutes as yelling, anyway--at your husband.
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Audrey C [05 Nov 2019|03:42pm]


[Locked to Audrey C]

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[Public.] [05 Nov 2019|10:23am]


Dumb question: Only one coffee shop in town?
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She said she would. [05 Nov 2019|08:13am]


There is a surprise left for Alex at the Comic Store Tuesday morning! )
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Jamie M [05 Nov 2019|01:48am]


[Locked to Jamie M]
so, are we talking?
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